Volunteers Combined Fun with Service

Cor Jesu Academy, Soldan AFJROTC joined Scott AFB members in day of service.
Originally, scheduled for August, this make up date included the perfect weather.  The skies were clear and the weather had a hint of fall.  The volunteers were greeted by Raphael Morris who spearheads the maintenance of this historic cemetery. The almost 32 acres require constant effort.  And although most modern cemeteries are endowed and have funds for their upkeep, this one relies on teams of volunteers and donations.  

Today’s Mission

The cemetery is laid out in a giant “T”.  Our first goal,  rake the section at the base of the “T” right by the main street.  We worked with the wind and all lined up at one end.  Some raked and another group bagged the mounds of grass.  We filled the trailer with large bags of grass and then worked to fill the trailer again.  We cleared the section, like airmen clear a runway after an airshow- efficiently. 

A second wind followed a short break for hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, cookies and drinks.  We moved up the “T” and began to mow the next section around rows of headstones.  Following behind and around us were rakers and mowers.  The team of awesome volunteers finished over 75% of the next huge section.  The volunteers should be proud of their contribution.  Raphael and other volunteers have a great start on the final lawn mowing for the season and they will be able to focus on the last remaining sections that need to be reclaimed.  If you want to volunteer your group, please contact Raphael by searching for Greenwood Cemetery, St. Louis.  Your group will feel satisfied when they have completed their task.