Every year I worry and I wonder will students and their parents take advantage of the opportunity to receive a $1,500 scholarship.  The check is written out to the student and guardian, not the school.  That allows the recipient to fill any needed gaps.  They may need books, or a computer, or maybe they have their first year covered.  In that case, they may receive the check and set it aside for their sophomore year.    The freedom is theirs.

Every year I worry though.  Most years I receive around 20 to 25 packages. This year with two chapters in the area we will be able to nominate twice the number of candidates.  Ten applications can be sent forward.  Will you be one of the candidates?  Remember complete packages are required. I consider our territory from the outskirts of Chicago to the outskirts of Kansas City.  Those two cities have chapters.  If you live in those areas please apply through them.  If you are in our bi-state region, know that I am watching my mail box for your application.