Hugh J. White Chapter just joins Sunrise Rotary of O’Fallon and H.E.R.O.E.S. Care

First of a Series of Saturday Opportunities

Almost 60 new men’s suits and vouchers for women’s ensembles were distributed from 9:00 am thru 2:00 pm this Saturday in downtown Belleville.  Each male was greeted by their own escort and measured for a new suit, two shirts, socks and a tie.   The women were given a voucher for Dress for Success ensemble to be chosen later.

Many wonder about the value of a suit in today’s world.  I have always noticed people and I stand a little taller when we are dressed our best. Couples who I see in the grocery store on a Sunday morning, cause a smile as I see them in their Sunday best.  I know in Mitchell Dining Facility at the United States Air Force Academy, we behaved much better in our dress blues than in our fatigues.   You may want a suit for that next job interview, a wedding, to pay respects at a funeral or just to wear one day to express pride.  

You can still take advantage of the opportunity if you are a veteran or active duty military personnel.  Please see the flyer below to secure your appointment.  Mask are required, social distancing and other covid prevention tactics are in place.