First please visit to see a list and pictures of last year’s recipients.
Announcing the start of this year’s application process. The HJW chapter covers from outside Kansas City to outside Chicago.

The TAI national organization awards forty scholarships annually, each valued at $1,500, to deserving high school seniors. Scholarship awards are based on three criteria: 1) academic performance, 2) two themed essays, and 3) financial need. The TAI scholarship application form is enclosed. Please feel free to make additional copies of the form to share with other students and their families. Instructions and requirements are listed on both the first and second pages of the application.
The local Hugh J. White chapter scholarship board will make selections and forward those applications to the national TAI board. Last year, all five of our selectees were awarded scholarships. One selectee was awarded $5,000 and three selectee were awarded $1,500 from TAI national. Our fifth selectee received a $500 HJW local grant.
This year the HJW chapter will sponsor an additional grant, the Lewis Lynch Aviation scholarship, in honor of an Original Tuskegee Airmen. One student from the St. Louis metro area will receive this $500 grant to pursue a career in aviation.
Here are a few tips to assist students complete a high-quality application package. First, start now on the application. For the essays, use the spelling and grammar check on the computer and have a teacher or other helpful adults proofread it. Second, take time to explain any special circumstances you have. For example, if you as a student participate in only a few activities because you work part time after school and weekends to help pay the family’s bills, that’s important information to share in your essay. Likewise, if you do not have any ACT/SAT scores, then please tell us why. Explain your personal contributions such as offices or positions held and highlight the level of your involvement. Please do not assume that the reviewers know the purpose or significance of each organization you have participated in.
Best of luck to all students. We look forward to receiving your applications. PLEASE NOTE: Completed scholarship applications MUST be received by the Scholarship Chair no later than Monday, January 24, 2022.
Mail to the attention of:
Yolandea Wood, HJW Chapter/TAI
2736 Lake Lucerne, Shiloh, IL 62221

If there are any questions, please contact me by email at or phone (618) 444-5925, or postal mail at the address above.