The Hugh J. White hosted a drone introduction for adults and guest. Individuals were introduced to the curriculum and allowed to fly the fleet of chapter drones.

The chapter is pleased to announce that we have created a series of drone presentations. The program always include Tuskegee Airmen parables. These lessons include “Mama Rules”, “Watch Me” and “Achievement vs Recognition” just to name three.

The classes run from a 2 -3-hour introductory class that introduces individuals to STEM through drones. Including topics of general aviation, navigation, team building and communication. After students learn the Drone dance, they will get to fly the Holystone 440 drones.

An extended course can run 12 to 15 hours of aviation training over multiple days. In that course students build multiple types of airplanes, utilize charts and participate in other hands-on activities.

Basic requirement to share with your organization are: between 6 and 20 individuals, 2- 3 hours and a large indoor area to fly the drones. Please contact the chapter at for more information.